New Project- Vanity Insanity

I am starting on a new project! Coming soon is the inspiration board for our bedroom (which I am excited to report that I have had a lot of luck sourcing a lot of what we are looking for!), but for now a smaller project.

I have had this vanity/writing desk, sitting in our basement for months weeks. Its solid wood, and I got it for $10.00 off Kijiji (of course, where else?!).

My wonderful husband has suggested I have a make-up/vanity table in our soon-to-be updated bathroom, and I love him for that :) (Although I think hes just really annoyed with all my make-up and beauty supplies being spread over the counter in the mornings....)

ANYHO, I have no idea if this vanity is going to fit into our bathroom. My gut is telling me no, but Im going to MAKE it fit. (If not, it can go in our bedroom).

Here are my inspiration pics for my vanity:

The first 3 are Sarah Richardson designs:

This final pic sparked my desire for a vanity. Its from a blog I follow called "Just Bella" and Christine who writes the blog, has some fabulous ideas!! See her post here from when she did her vanity.

Here is a pic of my vanity...not bad for $10.00, but we'll have to see how it turns out!

Wish me luck!

Have an amazing long weekend everyone, and in light of the fact that it is a long weekend, I am going to draw the winner for the necklace giveaway on TUESDAY MAY 24th (so you still have a few days to get those entries in and become a follower of the blog!)

Goodluck Everyone!!


  1. A vanity is a great idea! And your bathroom is big enough too!! Once again, I can't wait to see photos!!

  2. Mmhhmmmm! Love the vanity idea!

  3. I just found you blog today and I love it!
    What website is the vanity that is 4th from the bottom from?

  4. awesome thanks!!! That one was from pottery barn or crate and barrel I believe! I must have forgotten to source that post. Sorry about that! Thanks for reading!

    1. hello melissa. do you think that vanity is still for sale?

  5. Hi! I absolutely love that forth vanity
    Could you please hunt the exact store down. I have got to have that for my new room.
    Thanks so much.

    BTW, I love all of them :). We have such similar tastes.


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