I love them.

They are the perfect flower. If I could fill my entire garden with just Hydrangeas I would...and I'd stare at it every day.

Calla Lillies, Peonies and Tulips are some of my other favorites, but a Hydrangea is just pefect for decorating. You dont need many of them to fill a vase and make it look substantial, and they hold their shape well.

The challenge though, is that as soon as you cut them, they begin to wilt almost immediately. They are very difficult to work with when cutting them off the plant, but easy to keep in a garden.

Ive recently discovered a few awesome tips for keeping Hydrangeas full when making an arrangement. This first one is from Hydrangeashydrangeas.com  and you can read much more about Hydrangeas on their website.

Tip #1

1. When cutting hydrangeas, take water to the garden in a container.
2. Immediately after cutting each bloom, drop the stem in the water.
3. Indoors, boil water and pour it into a cup or any container.
4. Cut the hydrangea stems to the desired length.
5. Stand the stems of the hydrangeas in the hot water for 30 seconds.
6. Immediately put into room temperature water and then arrange.

Another way to keep them bloomed:

1. Cut your hydrangeas and immediately drop the stem into a bucket of water
2. Bring the bucket inside and cut the ends of the stems on a sharp diagonal
3. Take the stems and burn the ends (just a bit) on your stove top burner (this works well if you have a gas stove top)
4. Or use a lighter/match etc.
5. Drop them back into the water

I haven't tried the last tip yet, but if you do please let me know how it worked for you :)

Happy arranging!


Coffee Break

Ive been a terrible blogger. I wont bore you with my millions of excuses (one of them being the FABULOUS wedding I was just at in Kentucky last weekend!), but that is a pretty good excuse I think?

Anyho, our major focus lately has been on tiling to master ensuite bathroom, but I'm forcing myself to hold off posting pics of that, until its fully complete.

So in the mean-time, here is our new family room coffee table!

We'd been saving up for this table for a while now, and it FINALLY went on sale at Urban Barn. I actually never thought it would, but Ian was browsing the website one day, and saw that it was on sale! Yippee!

We loved it from the first time we saw it. Its a great size, allows for storage below, and we loved the rustic/handmade look of it.

So its going in our family room. The style for this room, is going to have a bit of a warm, earthy feel.  Think cream, taupe, reclaimed wood, greens, relaxed, etc.

For those of you who know me, your probably thinking, "really? that doesn't really sound like a melissa room..." and to be honest, its probably not my most favorite of colours, but we've compromised by making sure we use creams/whites and taupes admist the wood pieces Ian loves so much. Plus, the living and dining rooms have more of a "glam" feel, so there had to be some give and take somewhere!

I actually love the idea of incorporating woods and natural elements into every room, so this room will just have more of that!

The coffee table is just the start...I have an inspiration photo, which I'll attach soon...to give you a better of idea of what we are thinking :)

For now, check out the Urban Barn sale...some pretty great stuff on sale right now!!


Guest Post - Shannon from Burlap and Lace!

Thanks so much to Shannon for guest blogging today! Shes done some amazing projects and we definitely are destined to be blogging friends :) Someday soon we have to get together and enjoy a nice day of shopping and a diet coke ;)
So check out Shannons awesome post below and the incredible projects she's done! Definitely inspirational :)

Hi there!

I'm Shannon from Burlap & Lace.
I want to thank Melissa for allowing me to guest post on her FAB blog today! Although we have never met in person, it seems like the stars have aligned for Melissa and I to be blogging friends. Her style and mine are so similar (and we're both totally blonde) that I think she might  be my long-lost Canadian sister. 

It could happen, right?

I tried to decide what I was going to post about today, and I had a hard time, I'm not gonna lie. So, instead of choosing one project, I decided to highlight a few of my favorite DIY projects to date!

 The first project I wanted to share with you today is my all time FAVORITE: My Dining Room Makeover. My husband purchased this table and chairs from an auction for $25. It was a little orange-y for my tastes, and the plaid seat cushions were straight out of little house on the prairie.

I sanded/ stripped the top, stained it dark, painted the legs and chairs, and recovered the seats with drop cloth fabric! What a difference a little paint and elbow grease makes! (Don't mind the cat, she's trying desperately to be famous, so she jumps in every picture that I take).

It really helped my dark dining room turn from this:

To this!

I also organized my pantry from this MESS:

To an organized and cute little place!

...to give it a nice, clean, beachy look!

I also share the crazy, long-winded, slow process of updating my kitchen, one phase at a time.

So please, come try and make sense of my mess ramblings that are my blog. I love followers, and I'm on Twitter and Facebook!

And thank you so much to Melissa for allowing me to visit today!



Guest Blogger!

Im going to have my first guest blogger this week!

Shannon from the fabulous "Burlap and Lace" will be adding a guest post this week and I can't wait to see what she has to say!

Her blog is awesome, and she's up to tons of different projects right now (I dont know how she has time to breathe!)

So keep an eye out for her post (I'll be busy with a wedding this week, so I'll be back next week!).

Thanks Shannon!


Master Ideas

We're in the process of working on ideas for our master bedroom, and I wanted to share of bit of our inspiration with you.

We've made a bunch of decisions (colours, furniture, lighting, etc.), but we are still debating on how to do the walls.

Here are some ideas I love:

All images: House of Turquoise

There are different things I love about each, but they are all within the "look" we're aiming to achieve :)

What do you love about your master bedroom?


Happy Anniversary

Sorry for the lack of a post today, but tonight my love and I will be out celebrating 2 wonderful years together :)

It started out as a highschool crush. 13 years later, we are married and I love him more than I ever have. Every single day I ask myself how I got so lucky. To marry a man to loves me for me, who brings out the best in me, and would do anything for me. We found each other 13 years ago, and I plan to hold onto that forever.

I love you, forever and always xoxoox




Going to garage sales, thrift stores, etc has been something Ive enjoyed doing ever since I was little. I'll never forget the year we had a "sidewalk giveway" in our neighbourhood. I must have been about 7 or 8, and I went around the houses looking at what people threw away. It was actually decent items (garage sale items) that people would just put curbside, for others to take (I think my parents thought I was nuts).

I scored an old cassette tape box and a money box.

Years later when I was obsessed with the Babysitters Club book series (and had become quite a business woman with my business card and babysitting business!) and I felt I needed a briefcase to carry my supplies (i.e barbies, toys, etc) for my jobs. I took the old casette tape box and turned it into my own personal "kid kit" (a la babysitters club). I painted it, ripped out the insides and was able to carry kid friendly items with me from job to job.
It was a hit. That thing helped score me more jobs that I could handle.

The money box was another story. I didn't initially realise there was anything in the box, however, someone had actually thrown out change with the box...and that included a few silver dollars and some other collectable coins. Score!

Those memories along with all the garage sales and second hand we went to, showed me that you can get (or make) someones junk into your treasure.

A few people have been asking me recently, what I buy on Kijiji/thrift stores, and what exactly am I using it for.

Im going to give you a sneak peak at some of the treasures Ive found and some of the inspirational ideas I have for them:

Gorgeous vintage cedar shutters (Kijiji):


Old Vintage Suitcases (scored online and at Homesense-on clearance!):


Mason Jars (thift stores):


Google Images

Vintage Factory Cart (off Kijiji):


So now you know a bit of what Ive been up to. A have a variety of other projects Im also working on (chairs, mirrors, etc), never-ending bathroom renos, but this is just a peak!

There's inspiration everywhere. Its just knowing how to look at the potential in things :)


Linking Up:



The Headboard Ordeal....

So as we are also in the process of redecorating our bedroom (on a budget as always), I came across a bed I feel in love with....

This is the Colette Bed from the Crate and Barrel website.
Its gorgeous, well made, and totally over our budget. Unfortunately we don't have $2000.00 in the budget for a bed.

So I found this bed instead at CSN stores (LOVE THEM!):

which I actually loved more and also loved its much more affordable price tag of $550.00.

However, in reading the reviews, I wasn't sure about the detail on the bed, and was very confused as to what the fabric colour ACTUALLY looked like. So I emailed and asked for a fabric sample. I got the sample in the mail, and was disappointed.
The picture above shows the bed in a velvet buckwheat colour, and that colour actually looks like this:

Now, there is nothing wrong with that colour, I actually don't mind it, but its not the colour I need for our bedroom. It wasn't that creamy white colour I was hoping for. The only other colour option they had was white, and a very BRIGHT white at that.

So scratch that option.

I thought about making one. Kate from Centsational Girl has made my dream headboard here:

Honestly though, I think it would take me months to make that...and it would probably be crooked and knowing my luck, it would probably fall and hit someone on head while sleeping...hmmmmm scratch that option too.

We happened to be returning something to Homesense last weekend when we saw these headboards:

So it wasn't a bed, but it was a gorgeous fabric, right colour, and the nailhead detail looked very well done. Quality!
Plus the price was totally right. Less than half of what the bed at CSN cost.

We figured we could either get a metal frame like this for the bed:

or build a frame out of wood (Ian's preferred option). But we are still debating on that one. If we choose the metal frame option, all we have to do, is get a nice bed skirt (Ian is apparently not a bed skirt fan...I think he has images of this in his mind):

while I have images of this:

so we'll see. The option of building a frame, sounds great, but will be a lot of work, more expensive and we either need to cover it with a skirt anyways, or upholster it (which I am not too sure about!).

So that's up for debate still.

However, getting this headboard home was not exactly easy. We tried borrowing my brothers hatch back to put it in. Wouldn't go. We tried thinking of someone we knew who had a van we could borrow...no luck.  We went to Rona to see if we could rent a van...no vans available. We went to Home Depot to rent a van...they wouldn't let us since we weren't buying anything from the store. GRRRRRR!

So last option... U-Haul. Honestly that whole "$19.95!" deal sounds so great...until you factor in mileage, and a whole list of other fee's I can't remember. So it cost us $42.00 to rent a U-Haul for 25 minutes to get this headboard home. Good thing the headboard wasn't that expensive.

Driving the U-Haul was an experience all in its own! But we got it home and it looks awesome :)

So what are your thoughts?

Wood bed frame or metal frame? If any of you have built a frame before, please include your link in the comments below! Thanks :)

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