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Are YOU on Pinterest?! Seriously if you aren't you should be. Not that I'm telling you what to do or anything...but I'm highly encouraging you to join!

Remember the days of finding an image online, saving it to your computer, filing it somewhere you could never remember and then trying to find it online again?! Those days are OVER!

Pinterest allows you to save all of your images in one place for easy access, sharability and for inspiration! I absolutely love it. I pin daily...or try to at least (there's so much cool stuff to pin!!)

You can pin about anything and everything...


Baby Things:

For the Home:

How To's:


and SOOOO much more!!

Those images Ive shown you are all courtesy of Pintest, and are images that Ive "pinned" to my personal boards, which you can check out/follow here.

You can become a follower of someone's boards, someone's page or simply re-pin an image that you enjoy.

So many of the images I've 'pinned' have inspired things we've done to our home, or given us ideas to strive for!

Thanks Pinterest!
So go check it out and happy pinning! :) 

Winner Announced!

Hi Everyone!
Hope you are all enjoying the lovely winter day (we are having a bit of a storm here, but boy do the trees look pretty!).

Anyho, the winner for the Frog Tape Giveaway is.... (drum role please...)

#19- Echoe!

Congrats Echoe!!

Send me an email to livingbeautifully1@gmail.com, or leave a message on the Facebook page, and I'll get back to you to confirm your contact info so you can receive your prize!

Thank you to all who entered!
Happy Friday!


New Giveaway!

Happy Monday Everyone!

So I wanted to start of the new year, not only with a "Reveal" post, but also another Giveaway! You might remember my post about FrogTape a while back, and how fabulous we thought it was.

We've actually been completing a bunch of other projects using FrogTape, including my vanity mirror and painting our master bedroom all of which we will post photos of in the next while, but our favorite project so far, has definitely been our guest room stripes that you can read about here, or see here:

(This room has actually come quite a long ways, since these photos are taken, but it is currently acting as our closet- as the Master Bedroom closet is under construction- so I'll spare you photos of our clothing tornado for now...)

Anyho, ShurTech (the makers of FrogTape) have decided to sponsor a giveaway for you, my lovely readers! You could win a FrogTape gift pack including, 1 package of FrogTape, a FrogTape t-shirt and a FrogTape tote! Lets be honest, who doesn't need more FrogTape (and heck, you can tape, while wearing your new t-shirt!)

Here's what you need to do to win:

1. Let us know what project you would complete (or start) using FrogTape!

2. Join our site/become a fan through any of the following:
Google Friend Connect
or Facebook 
or Twitter 

Once you've done that, please leave separate comments on the blog and let us know what you've done :)

The last day to enter is Thursday January 26th and the winner will be chosen on Friday January 27th!
Please review the contest rules here.



Vanity Reveal

Hi Friends,

So lots going on lately, as you probably remember from my 'blogging note' post, however, this weekend we've been working away once again, and I managed to finish my vanity and vanity chair. I love it, and I can't wait to be able to actually use it now!

You might remember me introducing you to my $10.00 vanity that I "picked" from Kijiji last summer, here, or my antique vanity chair that I also found on Kijiji for $10.

Let me remind you of the "Before's" anyways...

Here's what I started with:

and here's how it turned out:

I sanded, painted and reupholstered it in new fabric. I actually ordered that fabric for our Master Ensuite curtains and used what I had left for the chair- worked out perfectly. The fabric I used was 'Bethe-Robins Egg' from Tonic Living and the paint colour is a light sea-foam green called 'Smokey Slate' in a satin finish by Behr . I actually didn't even need to prime the chair- I used Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint which has a built in primer. It worked beautifully. I honestly might have gotten away with 1 really good coat- its that thick. I did 2 coats though, and that was more than enough- the paint went on really well. 

Now, here's what the Vanity Table looked like before:

I spent some time fixing it up and painting it ("Simply White" by Benjamin Moore). I also added some new hardware to the drawer that I found at Home Sense:

and now it looks like this:

Added a few accessories for now...

I found this mirror at a second hand store for $7.00. Its super heavy and has a solid wood frame- someone had painted over the previous finish, but I think that with some paint, it will look perfect over my vanity....

I'll update you all once I've painted and refinished the mirror, but for now, I'm looking forward to having a nice spot to sit in our bedroom to get ready :)

Total cost for the make-over:
Vanity Table (Kijiji)- $10.00
New handle for drawer (Home Sense)- $11.00
Vanity Chair (Kijiji)- $10.00
Fabric for Chair (Tonic Living)- remnant from curtain fabric
Paint (Home Depot)- $10.00 (HD coupon)
Mirror (second hand store)- $7.00

Total: $48.00

Other Accessories (already owned):
Flowers (Home Sense)
Jewelry Drawer (Home Sense)
Vanity Tray (Second Hand Store- $0.99)

All I need now, is a light, a small mirror and to fix up the drawer, so I can actually put all of my make-up inside :) I'm planning on using some wallpaper that I'll have left over from our bedroom closet make-over (post coming soon!), to do the drawer (I know no-one will ever see it but me, but that's ok right?!)

So what do you think?!
What else would you make sure to have on your vanity table?

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A Sneak Peek...

Before I give you a sneak peek into one of the projects that we finished this weekend, I want to send a very special thank you out to those who commented on my last post. I really appreciate those who took the time to write me a little message- it honestly meant so much. Its people like you who keep us bloggers going! Sending each of you a big virtual hug :) Thank you to all of you who are new followers and those who have been following for a while now! I want you to know I really debated writing that post for quite some time, but I felt as loyal readers you all deserved to know what was going on with us, and what might be going on for the next little while :)

However, last weekend we managed to work on a bunch a projects (even with one of us being a bit "under the weather"), we have a lot to share with you over the next while!

For now, I'm going to give you a sneak peek of one of the projects we finished...

Here's the before:

and here's a peek of the after:

sorry for the fuzzy phone photo! I'm saving the good pics for the official reveal!

As well, over the holidays we acquired a new little....correction BIG project that we'll probably be working on in the next year!

Here's a clue as to something we "might" have sitting in our basement moonlighting as a balance beam right now (Clover's practicing for the dog Olympics in her spare time)...lol:

So there you go! A few sneak peeks and a BIG thank you :)

As well, we're going to dedicate a special post to our favorite Canadian retailers soon! So many of you comment on how you love hearing where we source things, being from Canada and all, eh!? So we figured it would be great to provide you all with a list of where we tend to find great things, who we go to for specific items, etc. So watch for that post soon!

That's all for now! Hope you all have a great week coming up!


A blogging note...

Hello friends! Wow its been a while since we've had time to come on here...which basically implies that we've had a TON of things going on the past little while!

The holidays allowed us to spend some wonderful time with family and friends and also some time to work on some major projects. It was also time to reflect on things and relax with our families. I found that once we started the blog, we had very little time for anything else in our lives. Dont get me wrong, I love blogging and hopefully inspiring some of you with our projects and what we do, but it does take up a lot of time. When you are working full time (with a lot of overtime hours), enrolled in school (taking 2 full time courses), renovating a home, and still trying to have a life- things get a bit insane. I was pretty drained posting until 1:00 or 2:00am every night and then going to work the next day, that I needed the break to really reflect and do the things we dont normally have time for! Ian drafted up our last post, and its been great to be able to get him on board doing a few posts here and there as well :)

I get people asking me all the time about starting up a blog. I think blogging is an amazing way to share your ideas, document experiences and so much more, but it can take a lot out of you. You need to dedicate a lot to blogging and it takes a lot more time than some may think (Im sure the other bloggers out there can attest to this!). Writing posts, uploading and editing photos, doing the projects that you are blogging about...it can take a few hours just to complete a post so I really admire those bloggers out there who can post multiple times in a day! There are many bloggers out there, who have been fortunate enough to make blogging their jobs and if this was my only job, I might try and blog every day too.

The other thing Ive found, is that blogging can become competitive and sometimes almost discouraging. People aren't always nice and when you are a new blogger, it seems almost impossible to get yourself noticed in a sea of millions of other blogs out there. You work super hard, and when it doesn't seem to pay off, it can get frustrating. Bloggers almost seem to form little "groups"...it sometimes reminds me of my high school experience- you know, the cool kids, the nerds, the jocks, etc, etc. I feel like you never really escape that in life though! Its hard when the "cool kids" say or do things, and you think if only I had more money to do more projects, more time to do more blogging and so on. But you have to stop. Stop and reflect on what is important to you, and what blogging is really adding to your life.

A huge kudos to those who have been so supportive of us. To those who comment on our projects, who want to see what we've been up to, who help us with ideas and encourage our crazy ones, those who comment on the blog and those who ask us about the blog...you rock. Seriously.

For both of us, blogging was simply a way for us to document our home renovation experiences. We love working on our home together, and renovating has almost become an escape for us. An escape from some of the difficult situations we've been dealing with in our personal lives. We find that when we are working on a project together, we tend to forget about any other things we are dealing with, and it brings us closer together. Its something we love to do together and have fun with.
Thats all.

We didn't create this blog to become the biggest design blog in the blogging world, to compete with others or to have it take over our lives. Along the way, we've met some incredible other bloggers, people whom I never would have met otherwise, and are truly inspired by. In particular, there is one blogger and I who are truly blog-mates. lol. When I first began the blog I came across her's and noticed we had a smiliar look to our blogs, similar likes and dislikes, etc, so I sent her a message. She wrote me the nicest message back and we've been buddies ever since. She is literally my blog twin- we are constantly working on similar projects, like the same things, decorate the same, and I truly feel inspired by her. Shes one of the most wonderful bloggers Ive met thus far :) I just wish she lived a BIT closer than a 2 day drive away-lol! One of these days, we'll meet up for an Olive Garden lunch and a BIG glass of diet coke and will discuss decor for hours. I know it!

So there are definitely a lot of great reasons to blog, but also some things to be aware of if you are planning on starting a blog anytime soon. Do it because you love it. Because you love to write. Because you have something you want to document or share. Because you want to inspire. Because you've been inspired. Because writing is a creative outlet or because you just want to give it a shot :)
Just remember to be yourself. Write from the heart, share things you love or are passionate about and dont worry about what others think. People will always have opinions or ideas about what you are blogging about and if they choose not to read your blog, thats competely fine. There will be others who will love what you write, love your ideas and stay loyal followers...even if you can't post every day :) Some of my favorite bloggers post only a few times a month, but I love what they do and understand they have busy lives. They'll post when the can, and when they do, I'll be excited to read them :)

Anyways, the purpose of this blog was basically just to vent a little and share with you why we've been a bit MIA lately. We will still be blogging, but our posts may be a but more sparse for a little while as work and school have been taking over our lives. We hope you'll still be inspired by what we have to share, as we have a LOT of things going on right now that we can't wait to blog about :)

Here's a few of them:

- Flooring
- Fireplace
- A few special fixture's we've installed
- A New headboard project
- Mantle
- Bedroom re-do
- Guestroom update
- another giveaway!
- 1 big surprise!

and much more!

I also want to share with you some of my favorite bloggers (big or small)- people who I admire and that Ive connected with in the blog world, people who are down-to-earth, who have jobs, families, and still have the time to put together awesome blogs with great ideas that inspire me:) There are a ton more blogs that I love, so perhaps I'll feature a few more every so often (p.s if you have a blog to recommend that you read and love, send it my way!)

Burlap and Lace
Just Bella
Beach House in the City
Better After
Life Begins at thirty, Right?

These ladies have been super supportive of our blog and I have been more than inspired by them :) Thanks ladies! Go check out these amazing blogs!

Thats all for now. Phew. I feel better now. Thanks for letting me be me and for following :) All of you readers/followers mean more to us than you know, and we couldn't do this without you. A HUGE thank you to each and every one of you.

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