Lovely Bloggers

There's a few lovely ladies out there who have recently let me know that they've featured me on their blogs...and I wanted to send a big THANKS out to both of them!

It means a lot when a blogger features you, and spreads the love! The internet is a big space and there is truly room for all of us out there-big or small :)

I would highly recommend checking out these lovely blogs!

First up, is the "Creative DIYers Club" who feaures do-it-yourself projects from blogland. She focuses on showcasing projects done by ordinary people that are truly affordable- within the financial reach of the majority of people....and she chose to feature my Vanity Table!

You check out out her post on my vanity here

Thanks for the feature!

Secondly, is Jena from Involving Colour whose blog focuses on her "love for paint color and to chronicle the DIY adventures of our fixer upper". Jena's blog is an amazing place to explore the world of colour and see how colour can be used in any space! I am so flattered that she chose to feature our Master Ensuite.


You check out out her post on our Master Ensuite here:

So thanks again to these lovely ladies for the features and check out their blog for even more inspiration!


Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

I love Valentines day....whether you spend it with family, friends, significant others...this is a day to show them how much you care :)

First of all, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dad!

And to my Valentine, who happens to be away for Valentines day, but still sent me Tulips (one of my fav's) from around the globe :) I love you to the moon and back.

Ian's amazing at remembering important dates and celebrating...here's what he did for me a few years back:

yep thats right...I love you in peppers :D

I love you with all my heart sweetie :)

Clover sends kisses to you all too...

tee hee!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!


Dresser Update

So our master bedroom is getting pretty close to completion....that is with the exception of no headboard, magical endtables that we will probably never find, and unhemmed curtains...so all and all not bad :)
Anyho, we recently finished updating our Ikea dresser...I guess you could say this is my first true Ikea Hack...yippee! Boy are we ever glad its finished (and still in one piece as we refrained from kicking it several times while remaking it :D )

Soooo....here's what we began with:

The Ikea Hemnes 8 drawer dresser (ours was a honey colour, which they dont actually make anymore):

so we wanted it white...and didn't feel like forking out the $300 to get a new one...soooo we decided to paint ours.

I have to say this dresser was probably the most difficult piece we've worked with yet. It involved a bunch of steps and we dealt with a bunch of challenges after each.

First thing we did was sand the dresser down completely.

We took apart all of the drawers so we only had to paint the drawer fronts.

We then primed the entire piece and all drawer fronts with an oil based primer. This helps when you are trying to get the paint to level-out better, however for us it didn't work too well. We ended up stripping the entire top of the dresser and trying again with a water-based primer. After that, we sanded the entire piece again, and started with our paint.

We used "Simply White" in a satin finish by Benjamin Moore- which is the same colour as our trim and other white furniture- so we kept it consistent.

We constantly seemed to have dust and little blue particles from our drop cloth sticking to our pieces, so we were continuously wiping the pieces off and painting again, and again and again.

(Sorry for the lack of pictures on our progress, but I completely forgot to take some during our frustrations! lol)

After 3 coats of paint, we ended up with this:

We changed up the hardware a bit...

and we're pretty happy with how it turned out!

Dresser complete! We're almost there with this room friends! Up next- headboard re-do!

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