The White Mag

Hey Everyone!

Its been a while since our last post, but I can honestly say projects are being worked on....just unfortunately still in progress. I could give you a list of set-backs, but it would be boring and just remind me of the many times I've wanted to pull out my hair in the past few weeks.

So in the meantime, we wanted to share with you our latest little project.

We were recently asked to write a short DIY article for a magazine called The White Mag. The editor Sara contacted us personally and gave us the freedom to write about whatever we wanted, as long as it had a fall theme. The first thing that came to my mind when I thought of fall was leaves and how much I am going to miss fresh flowers from the garden, in my home. And what better way to decorate for the holiday's than to make your own artificial flower or decorative arrangements?! We actually posted about making your own artificial flower arrangements here, and wanted to share that with the readers of The White Magazine as well.

You can check out the online version of our article here...


Check out some of the other great articles in there this month...including working with small spaces!

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