Dream Closet- Martha Stewart Closet System

You read what we did to our small closet, but the small closet was peanuts compared to what we did to the walk-in closet. I'll be blogging about its progress in a few separate posts as there is a LOT to write about for this closet!

In our bedroom, we have 2 closets- the walk-in and the small hanging closet. You can read about what we did to our hanging closet here. However, the hanging closet was actually done after we finished the walk-in. The walk in was a major project for us, one that took about 8 months of planning, saving and designing.

When we moved into this house, the walk-in closet had wire hanging shelves that we weren't crazy about. They hadn't been planned out very well, and we found that things fell through them, and it didn't help us to keep the closet as organized as we would have liked. So we started to plan our new closet design.

We first needed to decide what kind of system we planned to install. A custom system was out of the budget (and didn't make sense for the size of this closet), we didn't feel we had the time or expertise to build a closet ourselves, and most of the systems we found did not allow us to input our own measurements. Eventually we came across the Martha Stewart Closet System. We found this system best suited our needs.

The system allowed us to choose from multiple options, to include the actual measurements of our closet and make changes and additions online. The first step we took was to obviously take everything out of the old closet and strip it down to nothing. We then measured the closet and took note of the kinds of storage we needed the most.

We began designing our closet online. We determined that each of us would have one side wall, and we would share the back wall, but wanted to keep the design balanced. So each of the side walls would look the same. Here's how the first side wall (wall A) began:

We could have added more hanging, more shelving, drawers, etc, but this seemed to be the best option for us. We planned to dedicate the entire back wall to shelving and drawers, so we wanted to include more hanging on the side walls.
Wall C, looked the same as Wall A:
Wall B (the back wall) was then designed as follows:
When we looked at the plan all together, we had enough shelving for everything we needed, enough hanging storage and drawers to hide things we didn't want visible.
Although this system was affordable, it still took us a while to save up for it. After about 8 months, we felt it was time to just go for it. We ordered the system and away we went. In total it took us about 4 days to put together (however, we only did a few hours at a time each day).  
We're actually working away on another bedroom in our house right now and once again used this system to design a closet for it...it literally took me about 10 minutes, so easy, and Ian's not too worried about installing it.
However, the installation of this closet, wasn't the easiest :S. Stay tuned for our next post about the progress of this closet!
Melissa and Ian


Nightstand Makeover

Part 2 of our dream closet makeover is coming up (as is more progress on the stairs), but I wanted to share this little bedroom makeover with you in the meantime.

A while back I found these perfect nightstands (end tables) for our master bedroom. We have a fairly good sized bedroom and I knew we needed substantial sized pieces for the space.

First we attempted to incorporate these:

The beloved Ikea Hemnes dresser. However, it was too tall and just a bit too large for the space. So back to the store they went.

Then we found these:

Although we loved them (perfect size, perfect design and they were meant to act as nightstands), they were WAYY out of our budget.
So one day I was out shopping with my mom and I came across these:
Perfect size, perfect height and just the right price...plus there were 2 of them. I even factored in the cost if we decided to get them professionally sprayed and they were still within budget- sold. They originally had black hoop knobs on them, but I quickly replaced those with crystal knobs to match the decor in our bedroom.
Although they were green, they were not the right shade to match our decor, and we finally decided to give them a makeover.
We picked out a colour that we found in our headboard fabric, called "Polar Jade" by Benjamin Moore and it matched the curtains, fabric and all other decor perfectly (its the same shade we re-painted our vanity chair in here):

We had each of the nightstands sprayed professionally (we figured it was worth the cost since we didn't spend a ton on the pieces themselves), and they look awesome!
Here are the finished pieces:
The colour in the photo looks a lot brighter than it actually is (I would say its truer to the swatch above), however it matches perfectly with our new headboard (which you can see a sneak peak of beside the nightstands). (p.s I really need to replace my childhood alarm clock...yikes!)

So there you have it, our updated nightstands painted to match our space. We love the size of them, the number of drawers and how the style matches our dresser- they fit perfectly. We'll be posting about the finished space soon, but for now this gives you an idea of our colour scheme and how we went about it. Hope this inspires you to think outside of the box for nightstands...there are so many options out there!
Melissa and Ian


Wallpapered Closet

Some of you may have seen our sneak peek on our Facebook page of the Wallpapered closet that we finished a few weeks ago, and here's how it all went down.

Ian and I are pretty much able to work together on almost every project in our house. We've done it all- building, painting, designing, etc., but wallpapering has not yet been one of those projects. Although we could have attempted to try this incredibly 'bonding experience' together, we decided to bring in the experts. Call mom.

My mom and I had wallpapered a room in our house together before- the dining room, which we haven't posted about much since that room is still a work in progress, but here's the wall we worked on together:

So I knew mom was the perfect person to call when I decided to wallpaper our small bedroom closet. 
Our master bedroom has 2 closets (I know awesome eh?!) one walk in and the other just a small hanging closet.  

Its a bit difficult to get a picture of the 2 closets since they face each other and there isn't much room for photo-taking, but here's a picture of the small closet so you can see what we were working with:

That picture also gives you a sneak peek of our Master Bedroom (which I will be posting the reveal of soon!), and shows your our wall colour, so I wanted to choose a paper that went with that.

We didn't need to wallpaper this closet, so this became more of my project...mainly since Ian has never wallpapered and didn't really think we needed to.
I chose to take on this project since a.) it was an easy space to wallpaper, b.) an inexpensive project - since we only needed 2 rolls  c.) if we messed up in the closet no one would probably ever know. Well except you all of course, but I'm sure you wouldn't judge :) So on with the wallpaper!

We chose "Blue Mountain Blue and Silver Strippable Non-Woven Paper Prepasted Wallpaper" that we found at Lowes. Between the 2 papers that my mom and I have worked on in this house, this paper was by far the best. The paper we used in the living room cost more and was much more difficult. The paper from Lowes was easy to install, less expensive and appeared to be good quality. I would definitely recommend this paper.

The first step to wallpaper this closet was to set up the room. I used old sheets and drop cloths to cover the floors and actually taped a drop cloth to the baseboards in the closet (with painters tape), to avoid any drips or anything getting on the floors.

I also 'sized' the walls with wallpaper size. For any of you who have wallpapered before you may know that this step is considered optional, but makes putting up the paper much easier in the end (and easier to take down). This isn't the exact size we used (the one we bought isn't available to view online), but this one from Lowes gives you an example of what the size looks like and does.

The room then began looking like this:

We also made sure to patch any holes in the wall and sand everything down first before sizing.

After measuring and cutting all the pieces first, we put up our first piece:

And after smoothing it out, it looked much better. It took us about 3 hours to finish the closet and in the end, we ended up with this:

So once again the mother-daughter team did pretty well! (I think we wallpaper pretty well as a team!) When Ian came home, I can honestly say he was very pleasantly surprised.
The next step was to build shelving and a hanging rod. Since the other closet in this bedroom (the walk-in, which I will be blogging about next) has tons of shelving and drawers, we decided to dedicate this smaller closet to just hanging.
We went to Home Depot and had some melamine particleboard sheets cut to the size of the closet. We then brought home the scrap pieces to use for building support for the shelves. Up first went the side braces:
Then the middle and the other side:
Then we attached the hanging rod to the side braces:

placed the wood shelf on top and done!

Finally time to move our clothes back in:
So there you have it!
This closet has been waiting to be finished for almost a year, but in the end it only took us a weekend to finish it. We now have ALL of our clothes in our bedroom instead of spaced out throughout the upstairs closets (yea!) and its a nice surprise when I open up this closet and see the beautiful wallpaper poking through.
Have any of you wallpapered lately?!
Melissa and Ian

*The opinions on this post are entirely our own. We were not endorsed by Lowes to recommend any of these products*

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