Nursery Design- The Chair

After we decided on a crib, the next major purchase for the nursery was the chair. I had definite ideas in mind of what I wanted for a chair and Ian was pretty much open to anything...since he figures I'll be the one using it the most...which he's probably right about.

In any space we design, there is always going to be one splurge item and this time it was the chair. We decided that we were willing to save money on all of the other items in this space, but weren't willing to compromise on the chair. We wanted it to be comfortable, stylish, work for a boy or a girl (since down the road, who knows what the future holds) and also be the right size for the space.

Regardless of all of our criteria, I had a chair in mind that I've loved for a very long time:

This rocker is EXACTLY what I was looking for and after some convincing Ian, he agreed to it. There were a few hesitations about this chair though. First of all, the price tag isn't exactly favourable at $900.00. The other issue we had with this chair, was that we weren't sure where we could test it out before buying it. We found a place locally that sells them, however they don't have any in-store and we'd have to purchase it, and then send it back if we didn't like it.
So we figured we might as well continue our search. If we came across something else comparable that we liked, we'd look into it, otherwise this was going to be our rocker.

While searching for the perfect chair, we came across a few others that we considered:

This glider from Room & Board was a dream, yet we knew the colour was very limiting and that we needed to go neutral if we wanted to be able to redecorate the nursery for another baby one day (if that ends up being a possibility).

This glider had a nice look and was a little less expensive than the Nurseryworks glider at $799.00, however we weren't sure about the design of the back and neither of the colours were exactly what we were looking for.

The next glider we were fortunate enough to test out in store, and it was high on the list as well. The Dutailier Moderno Collection had a good selection of incredibly comfortable chairs and this one had a nice modern look that we both liked. However, I was almost worried it was a bit too modern for me (although Ian didn't mind that), but again the price wasn't exactly favourable at $897.00.

I honestly wasn't a fan of that many other chairs we came across. We had an experience at one baby store, that literally made me feel like Goldilocks. They had 3 chairs out on the floor, and I literally went from chair to chair stating "too soft", "too hard", etc etc. None of them seemed to be right except for one and even still the price was just a bit too much.

Throughout our search, we also came across some chairs that didn't work for us, but that we thought would fit wonderfully in other nursery's and are also easy on the budget.

Ian has owned an Ikea Poang chair forever...like since he first moved out on his own over 12 years ago and it still lives with us to this day. Although I personally am not crazy about the look for our nursery, it is pretty darn comfortable. I actually thought these options from Ikea were pretty cute and would be super comfy...plus they are easy on the budget at $169.00:

I thought the lighter wood was nice too and there are tons of fabric colour choices and 3 frame colour choices:

I also liked this chair from Walmart.com. The Enchanted Coronado Glider for a more streamlined look and again easier on the wallet. It also comes in 4 different colour options. In the end, none of the colour options were exactly what we wanted, but this glider rings in at a great price of $399.00:
For those wanting a more traditional wooden rocker, I thought this one from The Land of Nod was beautiful and nicely designed. I personally need a softer chair, however I know many mom's who have been perfectly comfortable in a wooden rocker. Although gorgeous and sure to become a family heirloom, this one is not exactly cheap, priced at $499.00:

We had both given up on the chair search for a while, until one evening I came across this little chair on a blog post showcasing Capri's nursery from Sweet Little Peanut:

I absolutely adore this nursery and this chair fit all of our criteria- looks comfortable, a great size, not too modern or traditional, nice colour and could be incorporated into a boy or girl nursery. Ian was a bit concerend at first about the tufting, but with a bit of my persuasion, he got over it. I like the detail it adds to the chair and as someone who tends to gravitate towards more traditional pieces, thats what I loved about it.
The only problem was that the above blog post did not state the source or name of the chair, so I had to search around the internet to see if I could find it.  I then came across this image at Project Nursery:
From this, I was able to get a name for this chair- The Grand Glider, and started to search for the best price I could find. Most companies that carried the chair were charging around $700.00-$799.00, which was still more than we could afford. Many sites had different variations of the name for this chair, so when I typed in "Grand Glider" into a search, I ended up with results from everywhere. One of the sites that appeared to have it was Target, so I went onto the Target site, and there it was:
The best part was that the Target site had it listed cheapest at $579.00. Now that was a price we could work with. Again, the only issue: Target doesn't carry this chair in store, and they do not ship store-to-store or to Canada. So thankfully my new favorite baby store Walmart.com also had the chair ($10.00 less) at $569.00.
Walmart was willing to ship this item store-to-store and it arrived in about 10 days (7 days earlier than the expected delivery date). We chose to order the chair in the white/beige colour (shown above).
I did have a few concerns with ordering this chair online. The first was that if it arrived damaged, we would have no way to order another one as we were making a special trip to the USA to pick it up. Fingers crossed it didn't come damaged (and it didn't!). The second concern was that if it wasn't comfortable, I'd have to leave it and start my search all over again. However, Walmart has an amazing return policy, so we figured if it wasn't comfortable, we'd just return it right there.
My third concern was the colour. On all of the different sites we found the chair, each of them had different colours listed and different photos for what they called "white/beige/buckwheat". We wanted the colour to be slightly off white, but not tan/khaki coloured and not bright white.
Walmart.com listed this photo of the chair calling it white/beige:
 And Target.com listed this photo of the chair calling it white/buckwheat:
We hoped that the actual chair looked more like the Target.com picture, and based on the images we found online of those who had actually bought the chair, the Target image seemed more accurate. But again, this was a gamble.
So upon getting to the states and seeing our chair, we ended up with this:
Pretty much exactly what we were hoping for! The chair came in perfect condition. The fabric colour looks great (similar to the Target picture above) and its going to be super easy to clean as the water just beeds up on it. The tufting was done well and the chair itself glides nicely and swivels as well (which is a nice bonus). The other thing I like about the chair is that the back is high enough for me. Im somewhat tall and I wanted to be able to rest my head on the back of the chair...no problems with that at all.
The only thing I would suggest, is that you get some sort of ottoman to go with the chair. I have one in mind Im going to purchase- I don't think I would enjoy the gliding motion in the chair as much without an ottoman. There is one that matches this chair- Newco International Grand Bella Velvet Ottoman, but we opted for something else.
We're overall very happy with it and think its going to work great :) We'll post an update of how we are enjoying the chair once we really get to use it, but for now I'm loving it!
Melissa and Ian


Guest Room Reveal

So we finished with the guest room...I think.

This room has been a work in process for quite some time now, and with so many other projects on the go, I think its pretty much done...for now.

With the baby arriving in September, we wanted to ensure that any work-in-progress rooms we had started, were finished and scratched off our to-do-list, so we didn't need to worry about them.

So we're leaving this room as is for now. We're fairly happy with how the white-washed shutters turned out and still plan on making some changes to the side tables and lamps, but for now they'll have to do as they are!

We incorporated this sewing table that used to belong to my grandmother, and seemed to fit in with the feel of the room:

Other than that, we finished off the curtains, and added a bunch of fun coloured pillows:

We still love how the walls add just a bit of interest, but keep the room nice and neutral at the same time:

So there you have it, the finished space.
We've compiled a source list, but please feel free to message us if there's anything we might have missed:
Wall Shutters: Kijiji
Bedframe: Kijiji
Bed linens: HomeSense
Side Tables: Ikea
Side Table Lamps: HomeSense
Suitcases (blue): Kijiji, brown suitcase- HomeSense
Laundry Hamper: HomeSense
Ceiling Light: HomeSense (clearance)
Pillow Fabric: Tonic Living
Curtain Fabric: Tonic Living
Sewing Table: My grandmother's antique
Small desk clock: HomeSense
Painted Vases: DIY Project
Paint Colours:
Wall Colours (stripes):
Light Colour- "Fence Post"- Behr (Home Depot)
Dark Colour- "Natural Choice"- Sherwin Williams
Trim Colour: Simply White - Benjamin Moore
So that's all for the guest room for now!
Melissa and Ian 


Painting the Hallway

We painted our hallway. I *may* have had a minor panic attack the day before the painting began, but thankfully it all turned out great.

Painting a hallway is a big commitment. Its not like a small room that's easy to repaint if you aren't crazy about the colour. On top of that we had to hire someone to come in and paint the open part of our ceiling (since we need scaffolding to reach those high areas) so we needed to make SURE we were happy with the colour...7 tester pots later and 3 days of debating we had finally chosen our colour.

From the day we moved into this house, we had planned to change the colours.

As you can probably tell from many of the other rooms in this house, we prefer light colours (blues, white, light grey's) so the dark, earthy colours weren't right for us.

Here's what we started with:

We also planned to change out the light fixtures, but I'll save that for another post :)
So we chose the colour Blizzard Fog from ICI/Duluxe paints:

It has a light greenish- grey tone to it, but once we painted it on, we noticed a great deal of blue, which we were still happy with.
So here's how the hallway looks now:
We have a lot more to still do in this space (stairs are still a work in progress), as is the hanging lighting and we need to decorate the space, but it will all come with time.
You might have also noticed that the hanging fixtures that were there before are now gone. We had them replaced with potlights and love the look. There was a big debate on getting new fixtures or potlights, but we finally settled on the potlights. Our reasoning for this, was that the fixtures we wanted were almost $100 each and even still we didn't totally love them. So up went the potlights, down came the fixtures we highly disliked leaving us with a nice clean look in the hallway.
We still need to replace the large hanging fixture and we did purchase a fixture for this (which we've had for over a year), so we're excited to change that out and see how it changes the look.
For now, its so nice to walk into our home, into a nice bright entranceway...we love it.
Have any of you chosen to paint a light colour in your front entrance way? What did you think of it?
Melissa and Ian


Stairs Update

A lot of you have been asking us for an update on the stairs.

The first thing we have to tell you is that they are still a work in progress....we haven't decided what to do with the railing yet. Do we paint it darker? Save up for a new railing that we can stain? We really aren't sure. The simple solution would be to re-paint it, but finding the right paint has been quite the challenge.

Secondly, we need to deal with the end post and potentially making it larger. We aren't happy with its size in comparison to the stairs (we feel it should be more substantial), so we're working on a plan to build it up.

Here's where we're at:

They are definitely getting there. The new paint colour in the hallway has made a huge difference, along with the new lighting.

So not much of a dramatic update, but we'll keep you posted on their progress as we go!

Melissa and Ian


Nursery Design- The Crib

This post will be our first in a series about designing our nursery :)

We were pretty thrilled to be able to start this process, as its taken us a very long time to get here.

Designing the nursery was actually something that we started a very long time ago. We've had countless images, inspiration, colours and ideas set aside for years, so this has definitely been a room that has been well thought-out!

There has been one nursery in particular that has hugely inspired us and we have built many of our ideas upon that. Having a great deal of time to think about how we wanted to design the nursery also gave us a lot of time to search for deals and source items for the lowest price we could find. Trust me, this has not always been easy! We are looking forward to sharing those deals with you, and hopefully helping out some of you who are planning on designing your own nursery soon :)

The item we wanted to start with first was the crib. The crib not only plays a large functional role in the nursery, but is also one of the major focal pieces in the room.

We had definite ideas of what we wanted the crib to look like, depending on the gender of the baby. Now I know many people would say, "why did the gender affect your crib choice?", but honestly Ian and I could not agree on the same crib for a girl or boy, so our compromise was to pick a specific crib for each gender. We could both agree on a more modern look for a boy and a more traditional look for a girl, so that helped to narrow it down for us. So, since we're having a boy, the modern crib it is! (annnd, if we ever do have a girl, we'll probably swap out this crib for a more traditional style).

Finding the right modern crib (that fit our budget) was a bit of a challenge!

Our first choice was the Moda Crib from Room & Board. Beautiful lines, storage below the crib and we loved the design, but its way out of our budget at $1099.00.

This crib, the Nurseryworks Loom Crib, also had a very modern look that we liked, but the high price ($699.00) and inability to ship without crazy shipping charges made it unaffordable:

We also loved the look of the Oeuf  Classic Crib, as well as so many other things about it (eco friendly, etc), but it did not exactly fit our budget at $970.00
Then we came across the Babyletto Madison crib:
We thought it looked very similar to the Oeuf crib, and for less than half the cost at $329.00. The only thing was, how would we ship it to Canada? This became a reoccurring problem for us, and often when we did find a crib that we liked, the additional cost of the shipping put the crib out of budget. We discovered that they sold this crib at Target.com for $299.00, however they do not carry the crib in store and they do not ship to Canada.
Then we came across this beauty at Walmart.com, the Baby Mod Olivia crib, priced at $299.00:

We looked into shipping and fortunately Walmart.com ships from store-to-store for free! The reviews online of the crib looked great, and we couldn't beat the price.
Some of our concerns were that the crib had to have non-collapsable sides, no VOC's, that it was made of hardwoods, etc. This crib met all of those standards for us.
That evening we ordered the crib online and had it shipped to a Walmart store close to the border for us. We planned a weekend trip to the USA and timed the order so that the crib would arrive just before we got to the states. The crib arrived very quickly and Walmart.com did an amazing job at keeping us updated with tracking information. As a backup plan we chose to order 2 cribs, just in case one arrived damaged and we had to return it. The crib arrived in great condition but we have yet to unpack and assemble it (more on that to come in our next update).
The more we searched online for this crib, the more information we found along with tons of images of other nursery's using the same crib:
We love this feature of the Baby Mod Crib, from Project Nursery:
Melissa and Bobby of "The Barrick Times" wrote about their experience with the crib here:
Erin over at "Design Crisis" shares her experience with the crib here:
And we loved this feature of Dave and Carrie's use of the crib on Young House Love:
and lastly, this nursery that I LOVE, designed for baby Aimee from Hellobee:
HGTV.ca wrote an excellent post on this exact crib as well, which you can read about here.
So between the great reviews, the amount of times we came across this crib online, and the great information on the crib itself, it seemed like a no-brainer.
Other cribs that ended up on our list (but didn't make the final cut), included:
The Babyletto Hudson crib ($399.00):

The Babyletto Modo crib ($331.50)
So thus comes to an end, the hunt for a crib!  Once we have the crib set up, I'll write another post on our experience with that, but for now, I think we're really going to like it...and we hope baby does too :)
Melissa and Ian


Powder Room Makeover

First of all, we want to thank all of you for the lovely response we received to our last post. We truly, truly appreciate all of your support and can't wait to share so many of these projects we've been working on for the past while, with all of you. So thank you all, xo.

Something else we've been up to (along with all of the other projects going on) is to finally paint and renovate our main floor powder room.

The current state of this bathroom is not the greatest. I mean, it functions fine, but the toilet is old, the sink is starting to slightly rust and Im not even going to address the colours, since once you see it you'll know its not our style:

Plus we sold the toilet paper holder and towel bar on Kijiji over 2 years ago and haven't installed a replacement, so its not that convenient for our lovely guests that come over :)

It's definitely one of those rooms that we've been itching to make over since we moved into this house. Its another project we plan to finish before the baby arrives and since its such a small room, and we already have a few of the things we need, we figured we could fit it into the budget.

Ian challenged me to design the room on a budget of $1000.00 or less, and I'm determined to do it.

My inspiration for the power room is this room I found on Pinterest:

We love the colours, the feel and it will go nicely with the hallway and the other colours in our home.

Although I'd love to do something with fancy tile and all kids of other things, its not in the budget and I need to find a way to make the room interesting without spending a lot. I think installing a chair rail will definitely help with that!

I created a quick inspiration board to lay out all of our ideas:

As you can see, we're still unsure of lighting options (I've posted 2 options), however most likely we will need to go with the long pendant since there isn't room on either side of the mirror for sconces...boo. We do have that long crystal light installed in our small upstairs bath though, and we love it, so it should do the trick.

There aren't really that many things we need for the space. We already have the new toilet, mirror and paint, so the vanity, lighting, fixtures and accessories are all we need.

For the paint we've chosen "Antique Sterling" by ICI/Duluxe paints (its just a bit darker than what we have in the hallway) so we know it will match well.

So on with another project...aiming to have this one done in the next few months, so we'll be updating you on the progress as we go :)

Melissa and Ian

p.s for those of you wondering about the stairs...they are still a work in progress! Hopefully I'll be able to update you all soon with a pic :)


An update... :)

The cat's out of the bag. We'll at least for those of you who know us personally. For those of you who don't know us outside of blogland...this may come as a surprise (although a few of you noticed a clue to this in our master bedroom reveal post) :)

Ian and I did not really plan on sharing this news on the blog for a few reasons...however after discussing it, we decided to spill the news. We're expecting, and we couldn't be more thrilled or thankful :)

The main reason why we chose to share this on the blog, is because one of the most exciting parts of preparing for the arrival of the baby has been designing the nursery :) We want to be able to share all of the projects that we've been doing over the last while, and that's kind of hard to do without letting you all know that we're expecting.

We will be sharing nursery design plans, idea boards, and projects with all of you, but we're going to keep it limited to that. For personal reasons, we are choosing not to share a lot of the details of the pregnancy and want to keep the blog focused on the design aspects. We hope you're all cool with that :)

So for now, I'll leave you with a few nursery photo's that have inspired us...oh and one more thing.

Its a boy :)

We're very excited and have a lot of projects on the go...looking forward to sharing them all with you!
Which one is your favorite?!
Melissa and Ian

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