You guys. We have something pretty cool to share. A few weeks ago I was contacted by a representative from Walmart who came across our nursery on Pinterest. She was a fan of our nursery and the fact that we had used pieces from Walmart to complete the space.

So guess who is featured on the homepage for Walmart.com's baby furniture....us!

We're pretty excited about it...well really just the fact that Walmart liked our nursery enough to feature us.

So you can check it out at the link here...look quick or you might miss it ;) I've also pasted the image below.

Thank you (our readers!) again for all of your support on this room that has meant so much to us and been so close to our hearts!

Melissa and Ian


  1. I am so so proud of you an Ian! You guys deserve some press. You have worked so hard and suffered much blood sweat and tears all on a budget to get amazing results!!! xo Mom ( your number one fan)

  2. You and Ian should be so proud of everything you have accomplished! It is nice to see your talent and hard work recognized. Congratulations!!!


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