Decorating a Nursery Wall Part 1

So now that we've got our hands full with the little guy running around, we don't exactly have a ton of spare time. Regardless, we're both itching to start another renovation project around the house. The powder room reno has been finished for months (despite the fact that it took us forever to blog about it!) and I've been searching for design project to start...when I'll have time to do it, is beyond me.

Anyho, I've always felt that Cole's room wasn't completely finished. I don't know why, there was just something bugging me to add "just one more thing..." (I permanently have design ideas floating around in my head so that might be why).

Since Cole has been able to move around, he's been grabbing at the wall above his nursery change table. So, down came the pennant:

and then we replaced that with a frame of Cole's prints:

but we took that down too. Way to dangerous for a baby who's nickname is now "Bam Bam". :)

The wall felt so bare to me, so I had been searching for something to fill it with- enter: Urban Walls. I came across their newest decal "I will love you....always and forever" and it seemed perfect for the space.

We've had touches of gold in our nursery from day 1 (which I LOVE), so I thought a gold decal would be a nice way to another another "subtle" touch of gold to the space. Urban Walls sent over this gold decal for me and it literally took me about 5 minutes to put up- so easy! (and awesome when you have a very needy baby watching you!)

So this is just part 1 to this wall addition. We're planning on doing one more thing to this wall and the decal (that will be left a surprise until our next post!) and then I think THIS wall is finished. Maybe. ;)

Also, I didn't exactly say we were leaving alone the other walls in this room, so stay tuned!

Melissa and Ian

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  1. Lovely quote wall decals!! I just plan to redecorate our baby's room and this post helps me a lot!! Thanks!!


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