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We're Melissa and Ian and we started this blog in April of 2011: 5 months after we moved into our first real home together. The house we chose has become an endless project of updating, renovating, fixing and decorating and we're loving every minute of it.

We spend a great deal of our spare time working on our home, and have been learning tons along the way. We've got a list of projects that we love and couldn't believe they 'actually turned out' and a bunch of projects on the 'lets try not to make that mistake again' list.  So you see, we definitely make mistakes, learn as we go and most of what we do is by trial and error. Neither of us went to design school or have any training or experience in the industry, this all evolved from a desire to make a house a home and has turned into a true passion of ours.

Melissa has always loved crafting, art and designing things, while Ian has always enjoyed building and creating whatever he could. Both of us have a strong desire to do things ourselves, to learn as we go and we're pretty darn determined. When you put us together, we make a pretty great match for designing and renovating a home.

This blog is our way to document and share this experience and to inspire other young couples to do the same. You can have a fabulous home even on a budget- as long as you are determined enough to do it. We hope our endless projects, DIY's, upcycled pieces, and knack for deal finding will inspire you!

A few more things about us.

Each of us tends to enjoy different aspects of this process- Melissa does the majority of crafting projects, sewing and creative designing while Ian works on the construction, building and structural design. Plus, Ian's better at painting...Melissa admits taping is probably more of her thing ;)

This blog has evolved from a way to document our house transformation into an information sharing and (hopefully) inspirational source. We hope that you learn something from reading our posts, or get inspired to try something new. We welcome any questions you may have and truly appreciate each and every comment we receive. THANK YOU.

Our families and friends have been some of our biggest supporters and we cannot thank you enough. Thank you for encouraging us when our ideas seem crazy and dont follow all of the typical design rules, thank you for helping us when we had no clue how to start something (or finish something) and thank you for instilling a love for much of this within us. Your guidance to 'work for what you have', determination and encouragement to do things ourselves has made us who we are today. Thank you. xo

And thank YOU for reading! Without you, we would not be here sharing all of this with you ;)

So we hope you enjoy. We're so happy you've stopped by!

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